13 December 2022

Dr Nigel Davies, aka the MALTDOCTOR and internationally recognised world leader in sustainability, has declared that when it comes to carbon neutrality, we’ve got a clean bill of health! 

Dr Nigel specialises in supply chain, and sustainability, including strategy and carbon foot printing. He is also skilled in the development of low-carbon roadmaps that align with a net zero pathway and science-based targets. That is why RANKIN called upon the good Dr to help with the delivery of NOVA.   

NOVA manages a dizzy matrix of projects relating to our strategies for a sustainable and enviro positive future.  

NOVATOP seeks to identify suitable plant based, bio sourced, recycled and or recyclable materials that we can use for the manufacture of Tops for T Top Stoppers.  

RENOVA is being developed as a closed loop supply programme for Cask Closures.  

NOVACARBON is energising our drive towards a low carbon future.  

With the support of our keen team, Dr Nigel scrutinised energy emissions across all parts of our manufacturing operations at PLASMOTEC. Based on Scope 1 & 2, IE what we can control, operations at PLASMOTEC have been declared carbon neutral. 

This is a fantastic result and a huge well done goes to all the Team at Brackley for helping get us in great shape for the future. 

Our efforts will now focus on driving improvements to Scope 3.  

Scope 3 is based on all the emissions associated with our supply chain and is pretty much the big one when it comes to neutrality, but we’re confident that with our fitness programme clearly laid out, we will continue to make healthy progress.  

CARBON NEGATIVE? That would be just what the Doctor ordered…