High Quality Crown Bottle Cap Suppliers

We provide low-cost, easy-opening and disposable closure punch from sheet tin-free steel, tin plate or stainless steel for 29mm crown caps. Liner options include PVC-free, oxygen barrier and oxygen scavenging.

26mm Diameter Crown Caps

These are suitable for beers, carbonated drinks and non-alcoholic beverages. Multi-colour print and bespoke colours and designs can be made to order.

29mm Diameter Crown Caps

These are for champagne and sparkling wines, beers, and other beverages bottled using a sparkling wine bottle finish. Stainless steel is generally preferred with an LDPE or LDPE Saranex liner. 29mm crown caps can be supplied with bidule insert secured within the recess of the cap or the bidules can be supplied separately.

Both sizes are available from stock and in a range of plain colours.

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26mm Crown Caps

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29mm Crown Caps