Cotton Bar Towels

If you’ve worked a bar shift you’ll know how important it is to have quality bar towels. Whether you’re doing a regular wipe-down, cleaning out the taps or dealing with a customer who perhaps quite literally can’t hold their liquor, a good bar towel is a bartender’s best friend.

Bar towels can be more than just an anonymous, stained cloth. More than a few manufacturers and stalwarts of the drinks industry are now producing their own branded bar towels. If your branding is distinctive enough it can help drive sales and encourage customers to try your product, and add to an overall theme that promotes both the bar and the drink.

Rankin Brothers & Sons offer reliable, durable 100% cotton bar towels in up to three colours printed to your custom design, ideal for promoting your beers at the bar. Our standard towels measure 23x50cm with an average weight of 60 grams. Our cotton blend is designed to be soft, strong and thoroughly absorbent, and our towels are available in a variety of sizes and weights depending on request.

Bar towels from Rankin are subject to minimum order quantities, so talk to our technical sales team for further advice.

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