Cask Taps and Hammers

Rankin Brothers & Sons provide all-purpose reusable cask taps with single and multi-pipe connections and secure, easy-to-use valves to ensure they can be hooked up to any pump system. We can supply all purpose cask taps with any kind of converter including Y and L threads for flexibility, and with multiple valves.

Our beer taps are useful for any commercial, event or festival beer service and work with both real ales and lagers. We supply taps that are both suitable for beer engine dispensing and pouring direct from cask, and provide a secure seal to allow beer to be stored in the short term without leaks.

Rankin Brothers and Sons have been supplying the brewing industry with cask taps and accessories for generations, and we’re one of the most experienced operators in the industry. Contact our sales team today to find out more about our range of cask taps and beer dispensary systems.