Corks for Champagne & Sparkling Wine

Rankin Brothers & Sons are one of the UK’s finest champagne cork suppliers and sparkling wine cork suppliers, with generations of experience in ensuring that champagne and sparkling wine are corked and stored in the best possible conditions.

Due to the unique conditions inside a bottle of sparkling or champagne style wine, the cork used to stop it must have certain features. The pressure inside the bottle is between six and eight bars, and the cork disc must be able to absorb the CO2 and expand properly to seal the bottle.

The agglomerate body of our champagne and sparkling wine corks is sealed at one end, with two natural cork discs designed specifically to meet the needs of producers. Rankin Brothers & Sons corks are built to international specifications and compatible with any kind of champagne or sparkling wine.

Our champagne corks are designed for wines which will be consumed within three to five years, and built to higher quality control standards to seal bottles with contents at higher pressure levels. They ensure that your sparkling wine or champagne will be stored safely and securely, and that it won’t suffer leaks or loss of pressure.

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