Corks and Wine Bottle Closures

Having cork forests means our natural inclination for bottle closures is towards natural cork. However, we recognise that our customers require a wider choice and closure selection is determined by wine type, style and price point. Our product range has been designed to best equip those who are seeking to extend shelf life, retain fruit character, reduce random oxidation and present their wines in the best possible quality.

Made to order or delivered from stock, all Rankin supplied corks are washed, treated and packed to ensure delivery of the most optimal and reliable closure that helps seal, protect and add value to your brand. No cork lot leaves the production facility until it has been inspected, tested and verified using advanced sensory and SPME-GC/MS analysis to assure every lot complies with a minimum acceptance threshold for releasable TCA of < 1.5ng/L.

Natural Cork

“Best in Class”, the natural cork stopper is recommended for quality still wines and is used by producers wanting to keep it 100% natural! The cylindrical stopper is obtained by punching through strips of raw cork with automated machines. Our range of grades extends from Extra fine/Flor through to Superior, No.1 and down to No.4.

Colmate Cork

Medium-to-lower grade natural cork with a greater number of lenticels or pores. The corks are treated with a mix of fine cork powder, natural latex and wax products to fill the pores, seal the surface and improve performance.

1+1 Cork

Combining the prestige of natural cork with the advantages of agglomerate cork. Two quality natural cork discs are sealed to the ends of an agglomerated cork body.


The CS Micro closure is an advanced moulded micro-agglomerated cork using carefully calibrated and selected cork granules which are combined with food safe binders. Available at 0.5-1mm or 0.5-2mm granulate size, both options offer exemplary sealing, with top mechanical function and consistent sensory performance. VINC line further enhances the offer further by guaranteeing the level of releasable TCA at or below 0.5 ng/L.

Sparkling Wine Closures

Select from the traditional CS Cuvee 0+2 or the innovative CS Cuvee Micro with a molded micro-agglomerated cork body. All products offer optimal extraction and compression performance to guarantee the effervescence of the finest Champagnes and Sparkling Wines of the world.