Responsible and Sustainable Cork Forestry

At Rankin Brothers & Sons we are aware of our responsibilities in supporting the local economy, sustaining unique skills and livelihoods and to preserving the environment.

From forestry management through to our supply of cork closures, our business activities demonstrate an understanding of the interdependence between industry and a truly unique ecosystem. Our membership of the European Cork Confederation ensures that we not only stay abreast of best practice issues but that we are a champion of change.

Since the 1800’s the Rankin family have managed over 4,500 acres of forestry in Portugal. FSC accreditation is underway and this will underscore our commitment to sustainable practices developed over 200 years. The FSC has established a globally recognised system of interdependent forest certification and product labelling that helps consumers identify timber and wood products from responsibly managed woodlands.

Our FSC application process has already begun and involves significant auditing of every aspect of our forest management and its impact on the local community. The FSC standard will prove that our forest management is ecologically, economically and socially sustainable.

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