Embossed Collars, Badges and Labels

Bottle  collars come in a variety of forms, including foldilocks, sleeves, hangars, swatches, tags, starbursts, towers, toppers, neck tags, balls, banners, bows and dissolves. All are decorative, attached to bottles to provide more label space for branding, special offers, information or simply to make the bottle stand out and catch the eye.

With Rankin Brothers & Sons long history of designing and manufacturing products for the luxury drinks market, you can be assured that our bottle collars will provide the extra piece of eye catching detail, making your product as visible at it deserves to be.

Bottle badges

Wax or foil badges can give your bottle the impression of a seal of authenticity, which can be a powerful addition to your product’s branding, depending on the nature of your product. Bottle badges can also serve as a good place to display extra information such as awards or guarantees.


Regardless of how else your product is presented, the label will be the most distinctive part of its appearance. Good label design on a bottle will draw eyes and customers to your brand, and a durable and solid label will insure that branding reaches the customer intact and is properly effective. Keeping your brand alive and updated will be essential to its success, and Rankin Brothers & Sons are here to help your product fulfil its potential in the long term.

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Bottle Embossed Labels