RANKIN – for the supply of cork stoppers from Acorn to Bottle – naturally

14 November 2023

As a lead supplier of corks and closures, we have a responsibility to combine sustainability, innovation, function and aesthetic beauty. We’ve designed a pathway that will help us make progress in all these areas without losing sight of the approach that got us where we are today. We call it Project Nova. It’s about who we are: our behaviours, processes, the controls we employ and the materials we use. 

  • NOVATOP seeks suitable plant-based, bio sourced, recycled and/or recyclable materials for the manufacture of Tops for T Top Stoppers   
  • RENOVA is a closed loop supply programme for Cask Closures 
  • NOVACARBON is our drive towards a low carbon future 

Underpinning all these sustainability efforts is our custodianship of the cork oak forests that produce our world-renowned corks and stoppers. 

Since the 1800’s the Rankin family have cared for some 4,500 acres of forestry in Portugal and we’re committed to managing it in an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable way. 

Over the years we’ve gained a deep understanding of the interdependence of industry and this truly unique ecosystem. We’re aware of our responsibilities to the local economy: sustaining unique skills and livelihoods and preserving the environment. 

We recently received FSC accreditation in recognition of our management of our forests and properties in Portugal. In addition, our membership of the European Cork Confederation ensures that we not only stay abreast of best practice issues but that we are a champion of change.