RANKIN Features In Distillers Journal

05 May 2020

The latest issue of Distillers Journal is now online – did you spot the interview with our Commercial Director Jim Rankin?


Jim sat down with Velo Mitrovich to discuss how the rising number of craft gin distillers around the UK can deliver true shelf appeal to stand out from the crowd.


As Velo notes, the gin renaissance in Great Britain has been extraordinary and exponential. Only a generation ago, gin was seen as the dusty tipple of choice for grandparents. Over the past decade it’s gone head-to-head with Prosecco and craft beers as the defining drink of trend-hungry millennials.


Exploring the prominent rise of gin’s popularity amongst British drinkers, Velo notes that a refreshed look in terms of visually appealing and resonating packaging has played a huge part in its success. Following in the footsteps of Absolut Vodka, Bombay Sapphire burst once more onto the  back bar and supermarket shelf, with the ideal blend of new botanicals and a dazzling blue-tinted bottle.


With Nicholas Cook, director of The Gin Guild, noting that today’s informed drinker is curious to discover different flavours and actively hunting for a new bottle – packaging is key to gin brands.


Here, Jim steps in and discusses the importance of the closure as part of a bottle’s aesthetic. Talking of RANKIN’s joy at being able to take part in the renewed love affair with gin, Jim notes the value of being such an active supporter of this renaissance in spirits. Keeping a close eye on market trends over the years has allowed the business to grow with the sector and offer a wider range of decorative closure options.


From the expansive standard range, to utterly bespoke creations – and every custom option in between – distillers are able to choose a closure which not only puts the finishing touch on their brand, but also allows their bottle to be uniquely eye-catching.


You can read Jim’s full interview here from page 23.


If you would like to learn a little more about the ample range of options we have for spirits producers of all sizes and budgets, take a look at our T-Top Stoppers or get in touch with our team for a friendly chat.