Let's #RaiseAGlass to local beers, spirits and wines.

We want to thank our customers by letting consumers know that independent breweries, distilleries and vineyards are still very much open for business. As well as all the local tastes and flavours that are waiting to be discovered right on their doorstep.

Buying Locally, Sharing Socially

What’s the Idea
Our idea is to drive as much traffic to local businesses as possible, with an exciting social media campaign that promotes the benefits of buying direct. #RaiseAGlass is about being part of a big movement, supporting smaller producers and celebrating the end of another week with refreshing recommendations.
Spreading the Message
We’ll help our customers to spread the positive message, engaging people to share, tag and post their favourite new discoveries. Everything’s in place, but we can’t do it alone. So, come on all you proud producers and industry influencers. Here’s to holding our pint glasses, tumblers and flutes aloft as we salute your hand-crafted creativity and unique taste sensations!
To find out more and receive your #RaiseAGlass marketing pack, simply get in touch with our team: