Our Owner Jim Rankin Talks To ‘The Times’

09 May 2024

Our owner Jim Rankin is a passionate man. He shared his enthusiasm for the drinks industry, and the long history of cork forestry in particular, in an interview with ‘The Times’ newspaper, published on Saturday April 13 2024.

Jim acknowledges the reputation of the cork industry hit a low point in the 1990s, around fears of wine being ‘corked’ and tainted. He also celebrates a remarkable resurgence. With the identification and almost total elimination of the chemical responsible for cork taint, the term “corked’’ has been all but consigned to history.

As Jim explains: “With the quality and reliability of cork today, the ritual of tasting is for the enjoyment of the wine only.” 

Better yet, Jim says cork offers a sustainable option to winemakers. “Continued demand for cork prevents desertification across the Iberian Peninsula,” which is where most cork oak forests are located. “These forests are a global biodiversity hotspot. Natural cork is biodegradable as well.”

Take a look at the full article here.