Capsules & Sleeves

Capsules & Sleeves

Whether you bottle beers, wines or spirits, you ask for a capsule or sleeve of aesthetic beauty to dress the bottle neck,  eye catching enough to stand out from the shelf.  If you pack foods, cosmetics or pharmaceutical products, you seek security through the supply chain, so tamper evidence and anti counterfeit measures are the priority. Colours and decoration are restricted only by your imagination and finishes include metallic, satin and matt surface textures. UV sensitive inks can be used to print Tin, Polylaminate and PVC capsules.  A wide range of capsule sizes are available to suit bottles used for packaging still or sparkling wines and spirits. A capsule or sleeve can be a thing of aesthetic beauty, a purely functional device or a combination of both. The choice is yours….

Tin Capsules

For super premium, luxury pack formats and used extensively for spirits packaging. One piece capsule made by a deep drawing & punching process using high grade rolled tin @ 99.95% purity. The heavy metal content of our capsules is less than 50 parts per trillion. The capsule can be side printed in your choice of colours and the top can be embossed and printed. A new generation of highly scuff resistant inks comply with the most demanding heavy metal regulations. Rip Pull tear devices facilitate ease of opening whilst the decorated portion of the skirt remains on the bottle.

Polylaminate Capsules

These capsules combine beauty and quality with simplicity of use and an attractive price point. The skirt is a composite material combining 2 layers of aluminium with a polyethylene layer between.  A top disc of aluminium foil is applied and the finished capsule exudes a soft tin-like quality. The capsule skirt can be ink printed and hot foil stamped and the top can be printed and embossed. The tear device includes options of a protruding Tear Tab or Rip Pull cut-a-way. We provide a wide range of beer, spirits, wine and sparkling wine capsules as well as champagne and sparkling wine foils.

PVC or PET Capsule

The heath shrink capsule provides a cost effective solution for users with multiple product lines and price points. It is also ideal to meet high volume requirements and high speed bottling capabilities. A good choice for applications requiring tamper evidence and with the advent of UV sensitive inks, anti counterfeit measures can be enabled. Made from PVC or PET film with a top disc of aluminium foil. The capsule skirt can be ink printed and hot foil stamped and the top can be printed and embossed. The tear device includes options of a protruding Tear Tab or perforations.

PVC or PET Sleeve

Similar to a heatshrink capsule but the sleeve comes without a top disc. Potential uses extend through wines & spirits to foods and pharmaceutical applications where tamper evidence and anti counterfeit measures are critical to performance. Made from PVC or PET film, the sleeve is pre-formed to suit a particular bottle, jar or container shape thereby optimising dimensions with fit, function and performance. The sleeve can be decorated in the same way as the heat shrink capsule skirt. Vertical and horizontal perforations allow for ease of removal and part of the sleeve can be retained on the pack for informative or decorative purposes. Tamper evident sleevs are available on reel form or ready cut to size.

Champagne Capsules

Capsules designed specifically for champagne and sparkling wine bottles. Made of a laminated  material formed by two layers of aluminium and one layer of polyethylene between. Various decoration techniques allow for embossing, printing and or hot foil stamping.