T-Top Stoppers

T-Top Stoppers

cork stoppers with tops!

Used mostly by bottlers of whiskies, brandies, rums, gins and vodkas. Increasingly popular amongst producers of oils, marinades and other liquid or food products.

The best grades of natural cork tend to be selected for the super premium brands but micro agglomerate and synthetic shanks are part of the wider offer. The shanks can be assembled to your choice of wood, plastic, metal or composite top.

Metal Top

for super premium, luxury pack formats, where value not cost matters. Die cast zinc alloy tops, polished, sprayed to colour or plated in precious metals; gold & silver. The top can be further enhanced by enamelling. These hand crafted stoppers exude quality and help reinforce the provenance of the brand.

Wood Top

uniquely, Rankin uses its own plant to manufacture wood tops exclusively for Rankin customers. Available in plain lacqueurs or tints to highlight the beauty of the grain beneath or in solid colours to match other elements of the pack. Further quality cues can be achieved by a combination of pad print, foil stamp, emboss or engraving.

Plastic Top

more commonly moulded in styrene, this lower cost option is preferred by those with a strict budget in mind. A range of non-proprietary, plain black T-Top stoppers is available from stock. Otherwise we can make to order in a colour of your choice and add print, emboss or engraving to meet the design brief.

Composite Top

our design team can assist in the development of a multi part top combining elements made from metal, wood and plastic and featuring a myriad of decoration techniques from engraving to enamelling.