Corks & Wine Bottle Closures

Corks & Wine Bottle Closures

With our own cork forests, our `natural’ inclination is towards natural cork. However, we recognise that our customers require a wider choice and nowadays, closure selection is as much as anything determined by wine type, style and price point.

Our product range has been designed to equip those who are seeking to extend shelf life, retain fruit flavour, reduce random oxidation and present their wines in the best possible quality.

Made to order or delivered from stock, all Rankin supplied natural corks are washed in a hydrogen peroxide based solution which disenfects and allows for a deep pore clean. The corks are waxed coated to lock in moisture, protect the surface and ease insertion during bottling……please speak to our Technical Sales Team for further advice.

Natural Cork

“Best in Class”, the natural cork stopper is recommended for quality still wines and is used by producers wanting to keep it 100% natural! The cylindrical stopper is obtained by punching through strips of raw cork with automated machines. Our range of grades extends from Extrafine through to Superior, No.1 and down to No.4.

Colmate Cork

Lower grade natural cork with a greater number of lentinels or pores. The corks are treated with a mix of fine cork powder, natural latex and wax products to fill the pores, seal the surface of the cork and improve it’s performance.


Innovative, high performance closure designed for wines which require a low oxygen transfer (OTR) and have low susceptibility to reduction.  The nanocork™ combines the advantages of natural cork with the remarkable power of the Bacchus Barrier; the barrier regulates oxygen flow to 0.0026cc/day per cork, whilst preventing off flavours from spoiling the wine.


Combining the prestige of natural cork with the advantages of agglomerate cork. 2 high quality natural cork discs are sealed to the ends of an extruded, agglomerate cork body.


Carefully calibrated and selected cork granules, combined with food safe binding materials, makes the agglomerate cork an effective, low cost alternative.

Champagne Cork

An agglomerate body, sealed at one end with 2 natural cork discs; designed specifically to meet the needs of sparkling wine producers.


A superior synthetic closure. A single-extrusion manufacturing process, allows for a consistent and even cell structure and it confers an elasticity second only to cork. For added value, the ends of the closure can be embossed and the side can be printed with the winery motif or a design of your choice. Special colours available but subject to minimum lots.

Screw cap

For convenience, we’ve taken this proven and effective technical solution and enhanced it further with the option of embossed decoration to the cap. UV sensitive ink can be used for printing, as part of anti-counterfeit measures.