Crown & Screw Caps

Crown & Screw Caps

Crown Caps for Beer, Cider, Champagne, RTDs and soft drinks…… Screw Caps for wines and spirits.

These 2 products combine an effective closure function with an eye catching high quality aesthetic finish.

Screw Cap

an aluminium, deep drawn, pilfer proof closure with a choice of liners adapted to the bottlers requirement. The ultimate in convenience for the end user with easy opening and re-closing. Aesthetic quality is enhanced  by colour printing and by embossing. Security, anti counterfeit printing visible only under UV light is available. A comprehensive range of sizes are available and standard 30x60mm plain colour closures for wines are available from stock.

Crown Caps

low cost, easy opening closure punched from sheet Tin Free Steel or Tin Plate. Liner options include PVC Free or Oxygen Scavenging. A range of standard colours can be supplied from stock. Multi colour print is available